GMC’s highly trained welders are skilled in the FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and SMAW process. We can also provide welding capabilities for specialty alloys (i.e. aluminum & stainless steel) for whatever project you may have.


GMC’s highly skilled precision machine shop offers all types of machining abilities in order to produce a cost-effective product considerably cheaper than typical OEM parts.


Welding, cutting, burn, punch, Shear, Bend, Break, Draw/Draft, Programming/Editing, Milling, Turning, Holding close tolerances, Large & Small Parts, CNC Lathe/mill

GMC Quality

At GMC our quality control process begins the minute you place your order. Our quality control inspector makes sure everything we produce meets or exceeds every standard.

We understand that each product is critical to your operation efficiency, and all of our employees are dedicated to creating high-caliber products that promote your company’s success.


GMC Precision

With the efficient use of the most sophisticated hardware available and the continual updating of software, GMC has integrated our processes to ensure that our customers receive the highest precision quality products in the market.

These innovations provide an environment where GMC can routinely design CAD/CAM parts to fulfill time and motion requirements; use computer modeling to simulate motion; extract the geometry for numerical analysis.

Custom Fabrication

Global Machining Company provides first-class fabrication services. Our highly trained welders are skilled in the GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, SAW, FCAW and MIG processes.

With our 60 ft wide overhead crane and 42,000 sq ft of floor space, we are ready to meet your structural fabrication needs. We also offer assistance in Structural Steel Design.